Not True

Feb 2nd, 2018

Not True

I’ve been informed that an Internet meme is that no one likes anything introduced to them after the age of thirty five. This is not true.

I’ll freely admit that I turned 51 recently, and I like many things (not all things – I’m not a massive social media fan) introduced since 2002.

I’m a big fan of tablets and use my Surface Pro constantly. I love my iPhone, and in fact smartphones in general – I’m not sure this strictly counts as I did have a Blackberry back in 2002 – I just don’t remember liking it very much – probably because it was not that likeable! I had an X-Box One until a couple of years ago – but unfortunately I gave it away because our Internet access was so slow at the time that the constant updates it wanted to do were interfering with our business access.

Also from a non-technology perspective – there is something else I like. R tells me that no one under the age of 25 is allowed to like avocado toast. I do, and have taken to having it for lunch with a poached egg on top.

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