Snowy Path

Jan 21st, 2018

Snowy Path

The snow here is very persistent this year. Yesterday both R and I tried to clear the drive again – with no luck as the snow had frozen into a layer of ice. We haven’t had any post here for the last couple of days and I doubt anyone could get up the drive anyway – certainly not without a four wheel drive vehicle.

I had a sad experience, as while I was trying to clear the drive I saw Tora carrying a robin. I rescued it, it was alive and there was no mark on it so I think he had just picked it up from the feeding area (unlike his brother he is not much of a hunter). I thought it might have just hit the window and been stunned, so I brought it in to the house, and held it in my hand to warm it up. It seemed to be recovering, so I put it in a little box with some breadcrumbs and pieces of cheese. Unfortunately it died about half an hour later – I can only think there was something wrong with it in the first place. As we always do with the cats’ catches we returned it to Gaia by putting the body outside on the feeding stone for other creatures to eat. An hour or so later a large crow took it away for consumption.

Then in the afternoon I tried to go up the Duke’s path for a walk to Coran Lochan – I fancied seeing what it was like in the snow. No way it can practically be done at the moment – there is over a foot of snow on the path and it slows walking down to a crawl. So I got to the top of the path, by which time the snow was getting deeper and deeper and then gave up and came home.

Hopefully it is all supposed to start to melt this afternoon.

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