An Indian Feast

Jan 14th, 2018

An Indian Feast

Last week my brother N made an Iranian Biryani. He claims that this is where the dish originates, but I am not convinced of this as it says on Wikipedia that it comes from India.

So on Thursday and Friday I prepared a south Asian version (Nadiya’s version from Bangladesh) – made with lamb rather than goat as they don’t sell the latter in ASDA Dumbarton. I also made tarka dal, a super hot cauliflower and potato curry, naan breads and some raita. I’d been going to make samosas and onion bhajis as well but I ran out of time and ended up buying them.

Anyway – I had everything all ready to go on Friday when N rang up to say that he had to work overtime at the weekend and was not coming over. Disaster struck with all the food we couldn’t conceivably eat until R suggested that we took it down to my parents in Rhu. So we did that, J joined us as well and we had a jolly time of it with the nice food, Prosecco and Indian Cobra beer.

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