Very pretty this morning

Jan 8th, 2018

Very pretty this morning

Without a doubt this is the coldest year since we moved to Argyll. Yesterday it was -5 and today it is -6.

The view over Beinn Bheula as the sun is coming up is quite spectacular as it slowly turns from white to pink. Particularly nice today as there is a clear half moon hanging over the mountain.

It is however, bitterly cold and very slippy out. R and I now have “Yak Tracks” on the bottom of our boots which give enhanced grip on the paths outside. The only problem with them is that they render walking inside the house a bit treacherous, particularly in my bathroom which has a marble floor.

We noticed on our webcam last night, that although the badgers seem to be in deep hibernation, a fox and a pine marten have taken on the task of consuming the large quantity of nuts we put out every night. I really hope the fox stays around here and doesn’t venture into the nearby fields, because the farmer shoots foxes. I’m not sure what the point of banning hunting with dogs was if no legal protection was going to be given to the foxes afterwards.

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