Beinn an Lochain

Nov 19th, 2017

Beinn an Lochain

Unusually for a Sunday, it was a beautiful day today, and R and I climbed Beinn an Lochain (the mountain just to the right as you turn off the A83 towards Lochgoilhead).

It was very frosty underfoot, and as we got higher we had to walk alongside the path, as the path itself was just a sheet of ice (should have worn crampons). The views were fantastic.

The most thrilling part of the day was that as we looked back towards the way we had come, a herd of around 30 red deer hinds came bounding over the path far below. As we watched, they were followed by a huge stag. We could see his ruff of dark fur and his huge antlers, but not how many ‘points’ he had as we were too far away.

When we got back to the car, we ruminated on whether we could immediately have climbed the same distance again – as that would be the same vertical ascent as for Mont Blanc which we are hoping to climb next year. We actually decided we could have done as we weren’t that tired – still hoping to be much fitter by then as we will have the altitude to contend with as well.

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