Hot, hot, hot

Nov 11th, 2017

Hot, hot, hot

R was away in Manchester for a couple of days doing a training course. As a nice surprise for him I made a huge curry with naan bread, but by the time he came home he was too tired to eat.

We were visiting my parents briefly the next day on our way to Glasgow, so I added a salsa, yoghurt dip (R doesn’t eat things like this) and two Uncle Ben’s rice portions (shame on me) and boxed it up for my Mum and Dad. It looked very smart, but after I had done it – it suddenly occurred to me that neither of my parents are that fond of hot food – and this was a seriously spicy one.

I asked my Mum afterwards how she enjoyed it and she gave what I can only describe as a diplomatic reply “It was very nice but we didn’t need central heating that night…”

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