Back to Napoli

Oct 27th, 2017

Back to Napoli

After our rather scary first visit to Napoli we came back and this time I had no problem with the city at all. Possibly this was because we had the iPhone fully charged and therefore had unrestricted to Google Maps, and also were more accustomed to the awful traffic, but we genuinely enjoyed ourselves today.

Here is Pan getting up to something naughty with a goat!

We wandered into a rather nice vegetarian pizza restaurant for lunch – for the first time ever I saw that every cheese based vegetarian pizza had a vegan equivalent.

The archaeological museum put the findings from Pompeii and Herculaneum into perspective with some truly amazing frescoes and mosaics. Hard to believe that they are over 2000 years old. To me one of the great tragedies of the world is how Rome fell to the barbarians – if it hadn’t I dare say we would be exploring the stars by now.

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