Napoli part One

Oct 24th, 2017

Napoli part One

Today we went into Naples. I have been here before and have never been too sure about how I feel about this city. It is indubitably a very vibrant and sometimes beautiful place, but it is rather scruffy (definitely not Swiss Chocolate Box territory) and the traffic is something awful. We went on the Naples Underground tour which was great, and then had a wander through the extremely atmospheric historic centre – including a visit to the street where they make all the nativity scenes. Stupidly, I had not fully charged my iPhone and Google Maps knackers the battery so we had a lot of difficulty finding the museum of Architecture which was what we were primarily interested in. After walking for over an hour trying to navigate with a cheap Windows Phone which wasn’t even up to Bing maps – we got there to find out that Tuesday is closing day in Italy. Who knew!

By the time we got back to the villa I was stressed out to the point of tears – not our best day ever.

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