Oct 23rd, 2017


The next day by way of a gentle introduction to public transport we went to Pompeii. For some reason the train was mobbed and we only managed to squash ourselves on with difficulty. I think the previous train must have been cancelled as none of the others we took subsequent to this were anything like as busy.

Just about everyone got out at Pompeii which was stuffed with tour groups and touts. It was quite atmospheric but nothing like as good as Ostia or Herculaneum. Also there was nowhere to have anything to eat or drink without standing in Jupiter’s own queue to get it.

The best part of the day was a huge thunderstorm which swept overhead. J and I had been foresighted enough to bring coats – but the vast majority of people were in shorts and T-Shirts and had to flee the site. Just for a few minutes we had the entire place to ourselves and very nice it was too.

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