Off to Italy

Oct 22nd, 2017

Off to Italy

My friend J and I are off to Italy for a week. Last year we went to Rome in September and it was rather oppressively hot. So this year we went in October and it was considerably cooler and more pleasant.

On our way out we went to see the Jacobite exhibition at the Museum of Scotland and then had a fancy afternoon tea at the Tower restaurant.

J and I then went back to our hotel where unfortunately a wedding was in progress. I was kept awake by the music until about 1am and by that point I couldn’t sleep any more anyway. Finally I think I in total I had about 1 hour’s sleep in total. Anyway we finally arrived just in time to experience a massive thunderstorm with the water running off the patio like a river. Luckily the weather for the rest of the week was forecast to be a bit better.

We then discovered that the walk from the villa to the station was a bit longer than the 5 minutes suggested in the review. Specifically it was about 15 minutes up a very steep hill – not so bad for me with my mountaineering experience but not enjoyable for J who leads quite a sedentary lifestyle.

However there was one compensation in that there were two beautiful cats living next door – one snowshoe and one Siamese. They seemed to be very hungry in that the first night we were there when we had nothing else to offer them, they consumed large numbers of cheese and onion Pringles.

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