Sheep Rescue

Jul 23rd, 2017

Sheep Rescue

Today R and I saved our second sheep of the year (back in Feb we pulled one out of a frozen ditch after it got its leg stuck). Early this morning, we set off to do a climb, but when we got to the Rest we realized that the weather was not going to be up for it, so we decided to go to the garden centre at Loch Fyne instead, and went home briefly to change our clothes. On our way past the big field, I saw a sheep near the fence that seemed to have its head at an awkward angle. It briefly occurred to me that it might be stuck, but I am always thinking this so I put it from my mind.

Half an hour later we went out again, and I realized that it was still there and was really stuck. We climbed into the field to investigate, and sure enough, it had wire tangled round its horns so comprehensively that there was no way of freeing it short of cutting the wire. R dashed back to the house and got some snips. Then I held the sheep (with a degree of difficulty I will say as it was large, strong and very frightened), and R cut it free. It shook itself vigorously and shot off to join its two grown up lambs – obviously none the worse for its experience.

The sheep in the picture are not the one we rescued as we were too busy helping the poor creature to take photos of it. These ones are a super cute Swiss variety we saw near the Matterhorn.

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