A rather sad dish

Jul 16th, 2017

A rather sad dish

R and I went for a longish (10m) walk this morning. After a rather unpromising start, the weather was actually very pleasant, if a bit “Goily” . At least the breeze kept the midgies far away.

When we got home, we discovered that one of the cats (I suspect S very strongly) had actually put a dead vole in his food bowl. I’m not sure what this was supposed to tell us (possibly he was indicating that he supplies better food than we do), but as ever I felt very sorry for the poor little creature. As usual I put it out to be a feast for our local crow – who seems to watch that area very intently now. I also saw the immature great spotted woodpecker on the seeds for quite a long time this afternoon – he seems a lot tamer than he used to be.

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