Our new Coffee Machine

Jul 9th, 2017

Our new Coffee Machine

Much as we have loved our Nespresso machine, a time for a parting of the ways has come. Basically it has been costing us over £100 per month for the capsules (yes I know we drink too much coffee), but also the used capsules are the best part of impossible to get rid of here (they do a recycling service, but not for the rather weird courier setup we have here). When we were in Switzerland we worked out that the bean to cup machine in the apartment was only costing about a quarter of what the capsules do, plus it produces grounds that can be put in the compost.

So after much reading of reviews we bought the monster above. I shouldn’t be surprised if they start offering degrees in coffee management because it is on the complicated side – but once you get it worked out it makes great drinks (including the elusive striped latte).

I think we may have over bought on the initial supply of coffee though – along with the 1kg of high roast, 1kg of decaf, and 1kg of assorted samples, we didn’t realize that the machine came with an extra kg of samples. Doubtless we will get through it.

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