Nature’s Bounty

Jul 5th, 2017

Nature’s Bounty

I’m not doing well with any produce from my garden this year (apart from herbs of which there are lots). For some reason my cherry tree (which in previous years has provided lots of ripe fruit) is being plundered by something – because the cherries are disappearing just before they get ripe.
The black current bushes have been in three years now and are still not even producing enough for a very small pie. The gooseberry bushes which went in at the same time seem to have died off altogether – which is a great shame as I love gooseberries and you can’t buy them in the shops these days for some reason.

My strawberries are not doing well either as there has been little sun to ripen them. The only thing doing well is the raspberries which grow wild everywhere around the village (actually I think they are cultivated escapees). No one apart from me seems to ever gather them, so I get handfuls on my way back from walking every day.

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