Ice Cream

Jun 30th, 2017

Ice Cream

I bought a little ice cream maker the other day – it is a bit inconvenient to use as you have to freeze the bowl 8 hours in advance – but it is fine for the quantities I make. For an easy super-delicious strawberry ice cream which is also low calorie, low sugar and low fat – you can’t beat this.

Chop a punnet of ripe strawberries into small pieces – it goes without saying that the quality of the fruit is all important, so I wouldn’t make this out of season with berries shipped in from the other side of the world. Add a carton (250ml) of Elmlea lighter single “cream” (you could of course use real cream which increases the calories count) and about the same of natural yoghurt. Then add Truvia sweetener to taste (this is a stevia based natural sugar substitute with no calories) – it is three times sweeter than sugar so I used two heaped tsps. How sweet you make it is of course a matter of taste, but freezing food does seem to slightly muffle tastes from it – so I would err on the generous side. Mix together well and freeze in the ice cream maker according to instructions.

Works great with all other fruits I have tried it with as well (raspberries, peaches, etc.)

In common with other home made low fat deserts – this is much better firmed up in the freezer for 15 minutes after it has been made and then eaten immediately, as it tends to go rock hard if placed in the freezer for any length of time. But so nice and also so healthy…

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