Jun 22nd, 2017


Today we went back to Brienz and up the Rothorn on a little steam train. Again some fantastic views on the way up.

We had cappucinos and vanilla doughnuts at the top, and R confessed that he didn’t feel up to another long hot walk. So he took the train back down and I navigated myself with the aid of my trusty iphone. I made the huge tactical error of setting off right before a large and noisy party of Swiss schoolchildren, who unfortunately were walking about the same pace as I was. First I thought I would stop and let them pass me – this took about 20 minutes from the first boisterous boys to two little girls with blisters at the back. Then just when I thought I had seen the last of them – they all stopped for a rest for 10 minutes. After this happened a couple of times I was so desperate to see the back of them that I turned off the “Bergwanderweg” on to a wider roadway style path. This was actually easier going and after a while I got to wave at R on the train and he got to wave back.

I have honestly never seen the like of the flowers (including some edelweiss as above) and butterflies on the way down – but it was bloody hot. As I got closer into Brienz, the road descended into a valley with stone walls to either side, and it must have been 45C.

I then did a bit of a foolish thing. I had heard there was a wildlife park in Brienz and after I got down from the hill I walked over there. It was a bit of a disappointment, because it was so hot that all the animals were in hiding with the exception of some very friendly goats. There was goat food on sale at 1 franc per box, with an honesty box to put the money in. So I took two boxes, and not having any change, I put a 10 franc note in the box. Then of course, when I got home I looked for the 100 franc note I had been going to spend on the shopping – and of course found the 10 franc one – but no hundred. The alpine wildlife had got a hefty donation from us! I hope the goats appreciated it 🙂

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