Aareschlucht and Reichenbach Falls

Jun 20th, 2017

Aareschlucht and Reichenbach Falls

Today we set off to do the tourist ‘must sees’ in the immediate area.  First we went to the Aareschlucht, which is an incredible gorge cut through the mountains.  It was remarkably cold down there compared to outside, where even at 8:30am it was pushing towards 25C.  R actually got quite badly sunburnt yesterday so we need to be a bit careful today – the temperature is about 10C higher than it normally is at this time of year.


Then we took the Victorian funicular railway up the Reichenbach Falls.  This was where Holmes was supposedly pushed to his death by Moriaty.  More wonderful views from a cafe right at the top.

In the late afternoon, when it had cooled down a bit, we took the train to Brienz and I went for a swim in the (very blue) lake.  It was crystal clear and little fish were darting about.


Tomorrow the Jungfrauhoch…..  I am much liking Switzerland as a place – it even has 4G everywhere….




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