A Feast for Crows

Jun 14th, 2017

A Feast for Crows

Schrodi is a very prolific catcher of small furry creatures, but never (to my knowledge) eats his prey.  I feel that their deaths should at least benefit something – so I put the pathetic little bodies out in the creature feeding area.  They always disappear – and a couple of times I’ve seen the badger take them in the webcam.  However, of late they have started to disappear rapidly after they are put out – during the day.

Who should it be but a large crow (click the picture to see the video).  On this occasion, I put out two dead voles, and the crow speared both of them in its beak before flying off with both of them.

R tells me that crows recognize individual humans and can like or dislike them dependent on how they are treated.  I must be a very highly favoured person to this particular crow.

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