A great wildlife day

Jun 7th, 2017

A great wildlife day

The first thing I saw looking out of my office window around 6:30 this morning was a little roe deer eating my primulas.

One of the things about wildlife (certainly in UK) is that although it is very prolific in some areas (like here), you rarely see it except if you have a special area set up and then either have cameras or are very patient.  Until today, for example, we had only ever seen a pine marten in our own garden where we put out food, and obviously are around a lot.  Even so, the vast majority of our sightings have been on the webcams rather than in the flesh.  However, this morning when R and I were strolling along one of the forestry paths just outside LGH, a large marten shot across the path in front of us and gave us a quick once over before vanishing into the woodland.  So that was a first in four years….

On the subject of wildlife and not in a good way, the midgies were fierce this evening.  I went to feed the creatures about 8pm, and even in a coat and net I had to move swiftly to avoid being eaten alive.

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