Disappointing Trip

Jun 5th, 2017

Disappointing Trip

I seem destined not to get to Iona on the Waverley.  Last year the trip was cancelled before we set off due to bad weather.  This time we actually got to Oban and were on the boat before the Captain announced that because of high winds the tender operator (tender as in ship, not a reference to his character, about which I know nothing) would not be transferring people from the Waverley to the shore.  So the Captain then tried to change the cruise to visit Tobermory instead, but as it was Sunday, the pier was closed (I had started feeling sorry for the poor man by this point).  So eventually, faute de mieux, we set off on the “Four lochs and a whirlpool cruise”.

This was ok and there was some lovely scenery, but it was very cold (I was not wearing the right clothes for all day on the boat) and there was nowhere to sit indoors where you could actually see out.  So we sat in the bar a lot, there was no Internet access and I was a bit bored.  I really want to see Iona, so I suppose we will need to go on the car ferry via Mull instead.

The weather in the photos looks better than it actually was.  On the right there is me pointing at the cancelled itinerary for Iona and looking disappointed.

On the way back we tried to go to see St. Conan’s Kirk but it was closed.  So all in all a rather dispiriting day.

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