May 28th, 2017


I made lunch for some friends from London today.  I’d prepared a (relatively) healthy crème fraiche based crowdie for desert – then right at the last minute I thought it looked a bit underwhelming and decided to make a cake I’d been wanting to have a go at for a while – a Sachertorte.

I’d seen this on the bake off a few years ago – and none of the contestants seemed to make a very good go at it – so I tried it with Mary Berry’s recipe here –

It actually turned out well and was not that difficult (I appreciate that things are probably a lot more difficult when you don’t have a recipe and know you are going to be watched by millions of people).  In particular the mirror glaze turned out well and I even managed the piped “Sacher”.    In my oven it took a very scant 45 minutes, and in fact could perhaps have done with coming out two minutes earlier.

R is going to be putting a few pounds on finishing it up – still he should be able to work it off going for a climb tomorrow if the weather is good.

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