Marten in the morning

May 21st, 2017

Marten in the morning

On Saturday I got up very early (5:45) to be able to go for a walk before we went to Glasgow for the day.  I’ll be honest here and admit that trying to get the “Perfect Week” cheevo on my new iPhone might have been part of this.

Glancing out of the window while making my coffee I saw a marten munching on some nuts.  Just for once the cats were not about to scare him off and I watched him for five minutes or so.  It was interested to see that, like the badgers, he lies down while he is eating.  R thinks this may be to save energy – perhaps Mustelidae all subscribe to the “never stand when you can sit etc.” adage.

Anyway, after a few minutes he jumped on the bird table to eat the nuts there, and then had a good go at catching an unwary squirrel which ran underneath.

It was a good start to the day, and then later in the morning we saw a lovely roe stag grazing beside the road on the way to Glasgow.  He seemed quite unwilling to get out of our way!

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