Coos, crows and swifts

May 9th, 2017

Coos, crows and swifts

I was a bit concerned about Billy the bull and his little family, as we heard loud (very loud) mooing the other morning – and subsequent to that they were gone out of their usual field.  All is well, however, as they have just been moved up the hill a bit and are now enjoying the fresh green grass up there.

The swifts and house martins have arrived over the last couple of days and are flitting about in the sunlight – their prey the midgie has not arrived in any great numbers yet – but unfortunately is due shortly as the dread plague normally arrives just as the laburnums are flowering and they are just about to.

Yesterday I realized I had let a salmon fillet go a day beyond where I was prepared to eat it – and took it down to the side of the pond in the hope that Pondcam would capture a video of the elusive  otter emerging to devour it.  I was most excited when, returning from our walk this morning I noticed that the fish was gone!  Unfortunately – when I checked the video – it had been taken by a predator alright – but it was a large crow which returned several times to polish it off.  Well, better that than it going to waste….

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