New birds on the block

Apr 30th, 2017

New birds on the block

We get a lot of bird visitors here, but not that many different species (lots and lots, and dare I say it, lots) of chaffinches are our normal visitors – with these partially taken over by siskins in the summer.  So we were pleased to see a single goldfinch on the seeds a few days ago.  He obviously passed the word around his ethnic community because the next morning there were four of them – three males and a female (three woozles, and one, as it may be, wizzle).

The siskins, although attractive birds, are not attractive eaters.  Unlike the chaffinches, who eat every scrap of food, the siskins drop seeds everywhere and made a right mess last year which I ended up having to clean up with a spade.  This year we are ensuring that every bit of seed is eaten before new stuff is put out.

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