Well that’s all over

Apr 9th, 2017

Well that’s all over

I think this is the longest time I have ever been away from writing this blog.  The last two weeks have been absolutely frenetic as R and I have been organizing an IT Security conference (BSides Edinburgh).  I’d like to say “never again” and in fact this time last week I was saying just that, because I was pulling my hair out between speakers and sponsors and dinner arrangements and venues and….  Well etc. etc. is all I will say.

However, a week later and cognitive dissonance has already set in because it went really well and was very satisfying in the end.  Type two fun I suppose (the sort of fun which isn’t fun at the time but is afterwards).  Roll on BSides Glasgow next year I suppose (we are alternating between the two cities) but please, please not yet – I need some time to recover!

The photo is of Edinburgh looking very fetching the morning we left for home.

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