Stuffed loaf and “Spicy Donich Soup”

Mar 12th, 2017

Stuffed loaf and “Spicy Donich Soup”

I made this bread which featured on the bake off a few years ago.  It was seriously nice – although when I make it again I think I will ditch the goats’ cheese as I am not that fond of it.  It certainly looked very good and would make a nice centre piece for a buffet table.

To go with it I made some soup – I was havering over whether to call it “Moroccan” or “Spanish” and decided on neither.  Fry two large onions, a green pepper and a red pepper in some olive oil until soft.  Add a chunk (10cm or so) of finely chopped chorizo sausage, a few peeled carrots and three or four garlic cloves and stir about a bit until browning.  Add a heaped tsp of harissa paste and some smoked paprika.  Then add two tins chopped plum tomatoes and water to taste (enough to make it soup rather than stew – unless it is stew you actually want) and simmer until the veg is fully cooked.

Very nice with the bread and associated dip.  Omitting the cheese from the bread and the chorizo from the soup makes it vegan without losing much of the flavour (perhaps add a little more paprika).

The arm in the background belongs to J.


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