Another go at the backside

Mar 4th, 2017

Another go at the backside

I’ve always wanted to find an easy way to the top of Beinn Donich without having to either drive or walk all the way to the top of the Rest and then take the tourist path.  A couple of years ago R and I found a sort of way by walking up to the Tam a’ chuilig path from the Donich waterfalls and then cutting up the hillside next to the Rock of the Britons.  The trouble with this is that it is cleared forestry land and is full of deadfalls and uncleared stumpts – basically a recipe for breaking your ankle.   This is the bit I am talking about – it looks ok but believe me it is a deathtrap.

I’ve had my eye on a different way – this time going only a short way up the Tam a’ chuilig, and then cutting up the mountain side about halfway along the first straight past the zigzag (if that makes no sense I will publish the route once I finish it).  I had a go at this last summer – but the bracken was more than waist high and it was such hard going I gave up (particularly as there are sheep and deer up there – so tick central).

It was a nice day yesterday – so I had another go late yesterday afternoon.  It was still a bit marshy underfoot in places, but not too bad and I quickly got up to around 400m (didn’t have my Landranger phone with me so can’t be too exact).  There are some cracking views back to the loch and it looks very doable to carry straight on to the summit from here as it is past the level where there would be any more forestry to contend with.


So R and I were going to give it a go this morning before N and J arrive – but unfortunately and typically it is pouring down and windy today.

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