Happy New Year

Jan 2nd, 2017

Happy New Year

Just got back from my parents’ house where we had a very nice New Year (apart from the horrible hangover I had on the morning of Jan 1st after badly mixing my drinks on New Year’s Eve).

It was bitterly cold driving back today, but there were spectacular views over Loch Ken and then the hills towards Ayr. Then more lovely views over the sea to Arran from train number one, and over the Clyde and sea lochs from train number two.

Having said that – I’ve had enough of travelling for a while – I seem to have spent days in trains and standing around stations of late. I also don’t think much to the ‘improvements’ they’ve made at Glasgow Queen Street, which seem to consist of removing all the amenities so that there is nowhere to sit in the warm with a coffee or buy a magazine.

So thanks to my Mum and Dad for a nice time, and Happy New Year to all.

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