Nov 28th, 2016


When the cats were young kittens they had their first Christmas in our town house in Edinburgh. As usual, we had a celebration trifle for our pudding on Christmas day, and as usual people were so stuffed after eating their turkey that there was loads left over. So my Mum put the whole bowl inside a plastic bag to take the remains home with her. Unfortunately, Schrodi didn’t understand this arrangement and jumped on top of the bag with the intention of sitting on it, and the result of precipitating him and the bag into the trifle. Suffice it to say, what was left after that wasn’t worth taking home.

I mention this because this evening I made some blinis (they are a sort of yeasted buckwheat pancake) and left the batter in a bowl with a tea towel over it to let it rise. When I came back into the kitchen, there was a deep hollow in the tea towel which had been pushed into the mixture, and batter had been walked across the floor by something with paws. This may just have been a pine marten breaking into the kitchen – but my money is on one of the cats. Tora generally has better sense than this, which points the finger of blame at Schrodi.

He has also had two voles in the house today so he is not in high favour (hasn’t stopped him from mooching most of a chicken breast this evening though).

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