Nov 17th, 2016


I don’t normally buy myself quite such fancy things as this – but there is a story associated with the chandelier.  Last Christmas I bought my Mum a beautiful glass lamp from John Lewis’.  She liked it so much that when her birthday came around I thought I would get her something to match.  So on the website – this thing described itself as a ‘lampshade’ – but when it turned up it was basically a lampshade the way that at a Rolls Royce is a car.  It is absolutely magnificent but huge and so heavy that I can hardly lift it.  My Mum and Dad live in a quaint country cottage and there would have been no way to hang it without bumping into it every time they went into the room.

So I swapped it back for a new Kindle Fire tablet for my Mum and today it took pride of place in my dining room.  It looks magnificent and I am looking forward to seeing it in the room at Christmas – but next time I buy something off a website I must be sure to check the dimensions of it!

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