What do these remind you of?

Oct 14th, 2016

What do these remind you of?

This was honestly not deliberate – but after I had made these olive rolls and added a central black olive as a decoration, it did occur to me that they bear more than a passing resemblance to comedy boobs. I’m sure they’ll taste none the worse for that…

R’s sister V is getting married tomorrow and we are off to Stirling for the wedding. I have made the cake, which actually turned into ‘cakes’. As one of them is a vegan and the other doesn’t eat carbs, plus R is fussy about cakes ‘having bits in them’ I ended up doing three different sorts of cupcakes.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow when I have finished decorating them, but I am moderately proud of how they have turned out. The low carb ones were particularly tricky to make and if they go down well tomorrow I will put the recipe on here. I have to say that it would have been much easier making the traditional three tiers with royal icing, but I shouldn’t moan because I love making cakes and decorating them.

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