Home again, home again

Sep 26th, 2016

Home again, home again

We had to get up at 6am to catch our flight. For some reason the priority boarding did not exist at this end, which was just as well as the first people out were decanted to wait for a bus by the side of the road in the baking heat.

At least the flight left approximately on time, and we got some great views of the alps.

I said goodbye to J at the airport – we had managed not to quarrel all week (well – hardly ever…). He was lucky in only having an hour’s journey home – I had three hours by tram, train and car.

It was great to see R and the lads again. I now discovered that R had suppressed the facts that he had had to take Tora to the vet on his own, and that he had also not been well himself. That was good of him as I would have worried. They were both fine though.

Had a great holiday, but glad to be back. I think I need another one to recover but I am not going to get one as I have a test to start tomorrow.

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