Off on Holiday

Sep 18th, 2016

Off on Holiday

I’m off on holiday with my friend J today (R has no holiday left having used it earlier in the year and is on cat sitting duties). Today we went to Edinburgh where we stayed overnight at the airport Hilton as our flight to Rome in the morning is at the ungodly hour of 6:25 and I am getting too old (and frankly too well-off) for sleeping on airport floors.

So in the afternoon we went to see the Camera Obscura and associated optical illusion museum. This wasn’t bad although it is looking a bit tired these days. The revolving corridor is good, it really feels as though the whole room is turning round.

Then we went to the Castle, where strangely enough J has never been before. Then we had a rather indifferent dinner at a chain restaurant and took the tram out to the Hilton. The tram was fun though I can’t help thinking about how many buses they could have bought for the same price.

The Hilton is not a particularly endearing hotel I have to say – it has big rooms but with those very distinctive 1990s swirly carpets and key cards that deactivate themselves if they come within 500m of a mobile phone.

Off to bed and up early….

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