Cnoc Coinnich and two mice

Sep 11th, 2016

Cnoc Coinnich and two mice

R and I went to climb Cnoc Coinnich again today as R hasn’t been up there since it ‘became’ a Corbett. Unfortunately, the weather, which had supposed to be ok until lunchtime, was decidedly not ok, and by the time we were at 500m the clag had come down and the wind had come up (unfortunately the latter only seemed to blow more of the former on to us). It was not nice so we gave up and went back by the waterfalls.

I opened my office door when we got home, only to see a small brown creature scuttle away across the floor and disappear under my PC. After ineffectually chasing it around for a while only to have it go from the PC to the leg of my desk and back again, I decided to turn the PC on its side to remove one of its hiding places. I was a bit surprised when I turned it over to see not one but two perfect little field mice sheltering underneath it. I managed to grab one of them and put it under a bush outside, but the other one proved more elusive. I’ve now left the door to outside open for an hour or so, and it seems to have gone, so I am hoping it got away into the garden.

I do love the poor little things and I wish Schrodi would not keep letting them go in the house. Superficially he is a great mouser, but on closer examination of the facts he is a rotten one – cats are suppose to remove rodent problems – not create them!

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