Sep 3rd, 2016


There are a lot of brambles (blackberries to southerners) around this area, and every year I make jelly from them, plus freeze several boxes for use over the year in assorted pies, crumbles etc.

In previous years no one else seemed to have come after them much, with the exception of one elderly gentleman who only “worked” the area close to the village. But yesterday I went up to one of my prime picking grounds on the hill behind the scout centre – only to find that someone else had been there first! All I managed to get were some poor remnants they had left behind.

So I am going to have to hustle this year if I am going to get a good supply (particularly as I have just bought a load of new jam jars). I do have one idea of a good place but I am certainly not putting its location on here in case my rival reads it.

In general, autumn is just setting in here. The trees in the garden are just starting to lose their leaves and there is a territorial battle starting between this years’ brood of young jays on which pair is going to own this prime feeding ground.

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