Nice few days

Aug 25th, 2016

Nice few days

I’ve been frantically busy over the past week. Firstly we were having the carpet in the hall replaced with wood flooring. The sales guy told us it would take “two days at most” but when the men turned up to install it, turned out that they thought it would take five. So I was all set to go to a conference in Manchester with R on the Thursday, but ended up having to cancel my trip to stay at home and supervise the floor and the cats.

So the floor was finished at 3pm Friday, and with R away I then had to move all the furniture back on my own. We had five friends turning up first thing on Saturday morning with all the beds and food to prepare for them.

After a nice weekend, including dinner at the Shore House Inn which was pretty good (the children liked the pizza and adored the chocolate ice cream), the first set of guests went home, to be succeeded the next day by my mum and dad.

The sunset picture was taken in an attempt to calm my nerves during all of this…..

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