Aug 12th, 2016


The autumn harvest has started with the plums. Last year we had about six in total – this year I have already picked more than 20lb. I’m having to pick them as soon as they are anything approaching ripe, because otherwise they are eaten by a combination of deer, jays and wasps, so rather than them going into the fruit bowl (though I have eaten a fair few) I am turning them into crumbles, pies and jam. Sad to say, it is so long since I actually bought a jar of jam that attrition and gifts has eroded away my supply of jam jars and I have had to (horror of horrors) buy some.

The apples are coming up to being ripe, and a tree I had down as a non-producing apple, has suddenly manifested itself as a nice little pear tree which (jays permitting) should have a good crop of what look like conferences.

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