A family of thieves….

Aug 9th, 2016

A family of thieves….

Three red deer have moved into our garden. I think they are a mother, her fawn of this year, and a yearling stag who is presumably her fawn from last year. I guess he will be leaving her to look for his own herd soon as his antlers are just coming through.

All three of them seem to have taken up residence in the garden and were cropping on the front lawn all yesterday morning. This is welcome (apart from the ticks they will be shedding) as the lawn is a bit overgrown, but during the afternoon they sidled closer and closer to my fruit trees, and particularly to my plum tree which is groaning with fruit at the moment.

I watched them closely, and then the young stag amazed me by standing right up on his hind legs, the better to pull a chunk off the cherry tree. I knocked on the window and the little group bounced away a short distance.

But they were soon back.. I like them a lot but the cats are not sure about them at all…

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