Lemon Curd

Aug 3rd, 2016

Lemon Curd

I made some lemon curd today which is something I haven’t tried since I was a girl.

I used the BBC recipe, and it was super easy to make and (even though I say so myself) super delicious – about as far as you get from the synthetic looking florescent yellow stuff that my father used to buy from the supermarket when I was a child.

So for my lunch I had some home made cauliflower soup and then bread straight out of the breadmaker with lashings of the new curd. Unfortunately R has a rule that bread is a savoury thing and mustn’t be combined with anything sweet – so that is all my home made preserves he won’t eat. I thought to give him some homemade jam on a scone but apparently he isn’t a fan of scones either. If it weren’t for chocolate cake I think I would need to give up on him.

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