Night of the Bat

Jul 22nd, 2016

Night of the Bat

I know the picture isn’t a bat, but bear with me. A few months ago I said to R that the cats were a bit past their best and rather too old and slow to catch things any more. How wrong can anyone be; quite aside from Tora and his little expeditions to the village to participate in Fight Club, Schrodi has now had his most successful night hunting ever.

1am Live mouse.
2am Live bat. We thought at first it was another mouse but then we got a better look and it was a squeaky and annoyed bat. R caught it in a T shirt, wrapped it up and had it out the door before I got a proper look at it, but it flew off which was a good sign.
3am Dead short-tailed vole. Left in the middle of the hall as a special gift to remember the night by.

So Schrodi just goes to show that a fourteen year old cat is still a mean hunter when he puts his paw to it. Normally though he just brings in one a night – we call it his “Catch of the Day”.

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