Two Bakes

Jul 12th, 2016

Two Bakes

I went to my brother N’s house on Saturday as R and I do every second weekend. N is a pretty good cook but he usually sticks to main courses and I’ve never known him to bake anything before. But obviously my latest efforts (tarte au citron etc) have inspired him, because a few weeks ago he announced that he was going to make a key lime pie, and this weekend he did. I have to say it was really nice – he used Jamie Oliver’s recipe, but omitted the extra sugar because the filling was sweet enough. He also made the base with ginger nuts instead of digestives, and bound them with olive oil rather than butter. The latter is a bit unusual – but N really hates butter ever since our Mum accidentally served him it in slices on a sandwich instead of cheese (by mistake I would say). I can’t say that I would have noticed if he hadn’t mentioned it but myself I would still go for butter. Anyway it was delicious and I had two slices (but luckily J took the rest away home with him so I was not tempted to have a third).


That was the first bake; the second was mine and was a Sage, Parsnip and Parmesan bread to go with soup for lunch. This looked excellent, but I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the flavour and texture. It was a soda bread (not yeasted) and it was a bit dry which was odd as I would have thought that the parsnips would have moistened it. Also there was no taste of anything other than the parmesan cheese which was a bit overwhelming. So not so keen on that one and again, I palmed what was left over off on J.


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