Fungi and wildlife

Jul 10th, 2016

Fungi and wildlife

I went out for a walk this evening and saw two sets of very impressive fungi. I wouldn’t have expected to see these until later in the year – perhaps the damp cool summer has brought them out earlier than usual.



I’d love to have the expertise to identify the species as I am a big fan of food from the wild, but I draw the line at potentially poisoning myself and R, so I passed on gathering them and just took some photos.

Today was also a good day for wildlife. I was on the phone in my office this afternoon when the fox came out of the wood and slowly made his way up the path, smelling everything as he came. He really is a beautiful creature, so I hope he stays off the farmer’s land. I also hope the cats stay well clear of him. Anyway, after the call I was just walking down the hall when I saw something move in the back garden; it was a red deer and her newish looking fawn, still with its spotted coat. I also saw our little roe stag today – his antlers are getting quite big now.

And I gathered some cherries from the tree today – they tasted good although the skins were a bit split.

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