Saddling Up

Jun 23rd, 2016

Saddling Up

I just climbed “The Saddle” which is down near Corran Lochan at the end of our peninsula. It is next to Beinn Reith which I did earlier this year, and on the same theme it is not very high (only 551m) but pathless and very isolated. The final section is also a bit of a scramble. But trekking all that way was definitely worth it for the fantastic views out over towards ‘civilization’. It is actually very weird to stand at the top of a mountain in complete silence and isolation and to be able to see the docks in Greenock.

I noticed translating the map from the Gaelic that the Saddle boasts a “Rock of the Spirits” and a “Faerie Crag” so it is surprising that I didn’t come back to find a hundred years had gone by.







The only peaks I have left to do on that little area now are the ones to the right of Corran.

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