Jun 13th, 2016


I love Strawberry jam – so today I took advantage of the fact that they are ridiculously cheap at the moment and bought a big batch to make jam. I should also say that they are in season Scottish and quite delicious. Personally I wouldn’t thank you for strawberries imported from the other side of the globe out of season, because quite aside from the eco aspect, they look alright and taste like turnips.

This year I made ‘fridge jam’ which doesn’t have as much sugar in it and therefore has a lighter set and has to be kept in the fridge once it has been opened. I tend to keep mine in the fridge anyway, and I like a soft-set jam ever since I had my Aunt Doris’ blackcurrant jam inflicted on me as a child – basically the best way of getting it out of the jar was a chisel rather than a spoon.

Anyway, it turned out very nice, although I think most of my strawberries are floating towards the top so it probably wouldn’t win any show prizes. I also ran out of jars, so J, who also likes jam is getting a surprise jar as shown in the picture. He is always saying how much he likes cheese…

On the strawberry subject – I picked the first of the wild ones from the garden yesterday – the cultivated ones aren’t ready yet.

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