Bit of a problem with the site

May 22nd, 2016

Bit of a problem with the site

I’ve been off on holiday in Northern Ireland, cruising round Lough Erne.  Inevitably, the web server behind all my sites picked the moment we left to pack in, and us being super security conscious people (well R is anyway…), we didn’t leave ourselves a back door to get in and fix it.  So if anyone is interested in our holidays I will put the posts up for each day retrospectively.

But now we are back and the cats were very pleased to see us.  Whilst Schrodi is frankly a bit of a tart and happily accepted V as a warm lap alternative to us (the photo shows him finding her clean clothes), Tora really only likes R and I.  Me in particular as he has spent much of his time since I got back trying (in vain) to have sex with my feet….

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