Two castles, “one mile”

May 18th, 2016

Two castles, “one mile”

Today was a bit grey again but at least not raining.  In the morning we went to see Enniskillen castle which was moderately interesting.  There was a regimental museum with one feature that amused me – one of the maps had a diagram (relating to fleet movements) with a label of “Orkney Isles” slap over what was obviously Shetland.  I hope the same person who drew the map wasn’t in charge of navigation.


In the afternoon N again informed us that Castle Coole was “about a mile away”.  Again I was foolish enough to take him at his word.  Again I wore the same uncomfortable shoes.  Again it was at least two miles to the park entrance and then another substantial walk to the Castle, which wasn’t a real castle, but a neo-classical stately home.


Unfortunately you weren’t supposed to take pictures in the house and as they were watching me – I couldn’t.  Not sure I see the rationale for banning (non-flash) photography…  I’d highly recommend the tea shop – the lemon meringue pie was something else (but I can feel myself putting on weight by the moment).

Back at the moorings we have now acquired a smart card so we have mains power and can recharge everything without needing to put the engines on.  Amazing the feeling of dissipated luxury this gives us….


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