Surface Attack

May 5th, 2016

Surface Attack

R is away in Glasgow giving a presentation tonight.  I had to laugh at the title of one of his slides “Surface Attack”.  This is actually refers to something which is not that interesting unless you are into IT Security, but it made me think of something else entirely.  So below you can see the real thing, where a hungry Microsoft Surface is making short work of a hapless iPad…


Actually I was supposed to be going with R tonight, but I am ashamed to admit that there was a siren call I could not resist coming from the office.  Yesterday we got our HTC Vive VR set and I couldn’t tear myself away – it is absolutely brilliant.  It makes every computer game you have played in the last year look like pong on the Atari c. 1975….  Still very new, very first generation, and very expensive – but to me this is the first real generational change in recreational IT since the iPhone.

Now the only problem is that the downloads for it are huge (even worse than the Xbox One or Visual Studio and that’s saying something) so if BT are listening, we need the new fast broadband in pronto.  So get a move on before the Surface gets peckish again….

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