Everyone should have a hobby

Apr 30th, 2016

Everyone should have a hobby

We got a new webcam for the shed recently.  It is much higher resolution than the old one – which in one respect is great (in that the video is obviously far better quality), but unfortunately it means that motion under the fence where the wildlife comes from is not tripping off the motion detector (because everything is “smaller, further away”).  We’ll need to move it to a mounting on the side of the house to fix this.

However, the cats do set it off because they pass close to it coming out of their flap, and this has alerted us to a behaviour we didn’t know about.   They sit, often for long periods of time at night in front of the bird feeding area.  At first R and I thought that their hobby was badger watching and that they were interested in our striped friends (whether wanting to be friends with them or wanting them to go away who can tell), but then R worked out what they were doing after he saw Schrodi pounce on a mouse that had come out to feed on the spilled nuts (he brought it alive into the house two minutes later).

So the cats’ hobby isn’t the rather exotic “badger watching”, it is good old simple mousing.

Click the picture to see the video

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