Why no nice low calorie drinks?

Apr 26th, 2016

Why no nice low calorie drinks?

The government recently applied their ‘sugar tax’ – I’m in general quite opposed to using taxation to enforce one set of people’s moral values on the rest of the population, but I found it interesting that they think it needed to be done.  Because here’s the thing (and I’ve done some fairly intensive browsing of shop shelves researching this) – there are vanishingly few nice adult soft drinks that aren’t loaded with unnecessary sugar – generally in large quantities.

Sure, if coke or “irn bru” or some ghastly orange squash packed with synthetic colourings is your thing you are spoiled for choice for diet versions using non-calorie sweeteners rather than sugar.  But if you fancy (for example) a pink grapefruit fizz, or a quality cloudy lemonade (with real lemons in it), or an elderflower cordial, or basically anything that a discerning adult (I’m not including R in this category – he likes orange squash) would appreciate – you can only get it if you are prepared to consume several hundred unnecessary calories and acquire all the extra health drawbacks of excessive sugar in your diet.

So I make my own.  As a sample – take a bag of unwaxed lemons, give them a wash and cut in half.  Give each half a squeeze into a large jug and then put the squeezed shell (the skin etc) into the jug as well.    Pour boiling water to cover and chill in the fridge overnight.  The next day, squeeze the remainder of the juice out of the lemons and discard the shells.  Add sweetener to taste – I use Truvia which is made from stevia leaf, and then fill the jug up with ice cubes and sparkling water.  A few mint leaves add a nice touch to a refreshing zero sugar drink.






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