The Cuckoo Arrives

Apr 24th, 2016

The Cuckoo Arrives

R and I went for our first bike ride since arriving in Lochgoilhead today.

It was a very pretty morning with lots of  lambs in striped sports socks trying out grazing for the first time and looking as though they decided that they preferred Mum!

Then just as we were turning into the woods, we heard our first Cuckoo of the season – almost exactly a year to the day from when we heard it last year.

I will say that cycling uses entirely different muscles to walking.  I get up and down Munros with no problem and I can walk 15 miles in an afternoon without thinking too much of it – but one steep hill on the bike and my legs were aching.  Something we need to work on I guess – we have an exercise bike we have never really used so that could be one for the long dark winter mornings.



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